Daniel – at 22 years old – is the youngest member of our church. We asked him to tell us a bit about himself.

Q. So…what do you do with yourself?

Daniel: Too much! There’s always something, whether that’s work, catching up with friends…I’m just a regular guy with a regular job – a gym instructor.

Q. Aren’t you a bit young for Christianity? Couldn’t that wait until you’ve seen a bit of life?

Daniel: Eat, drink and be merry…that sounds like a good idea, but tomorrow we die is the other part of that saying. Living just for yourself is a way of deceiving yourself. And I don’t want to form habits now that I can’t get out of later. The Bible advises us to ‘remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come.’

Q. Have you always thought that way?

Daniel: Well, I’ve been around Christians since I was about 10 – coming to the Sunday School here, every week having some kind of church input.

Q. But was there a point where it became more than just a routine?

Daniel: It was really gradual. God dealt with me over a long period – years! But I came to believe that the Bible wasn’t just made-up stories – it’s true. And what particularly struck me was the God sent his Son, Jesus, to die. I often think – if I had a son, would I give him up for people that don’t know, and don’t even want to know me? That’s the greatness of God’s love.

Q. Is there any particular part of the Bible that shows you this kind of thing about God?

Daniel: The gospels – the four records of Jesus’ life called Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – Jesus’ character is shown so clearly. It’s his patience and his compassion that really come through. You don’t get a lot of that in the world today.

Q. What sums the Christian message up, then?

Daniel: Consider your ways. Is what you’re doing now going to bring you long-term fulfilment? God promises eternal, unending satisfaction for people that seek him. He brings peace of mind, because even in the biggest tragedies, I know that God’s still in control. I can trust him, because he’s got good purposes for me – most of all, the knowledge that I’m going to be with him in heaven one day.

Q. How does the church help with that?

Daniel: They’ve kept me going for the last twelve years! It’s like a great family – everyone is really welcoming. They’re not what you think ‘typical Christians’ would be – goody two-shoes type characters. They’re down-to-earth, honest people, who aren’t judgemental, and they take the time to explain things from the Bible.

Q. And how could someone get to know God in the way you do?

Daniel: Ask him! That’s what praying is – talking to God, bringing a real request to him. You’ve got to be sincere, willing to search him out, but he promises to show us what he’s like, and make himself known to us if we do that.

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